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Au Revoir, Kusumi Koharu…

Kusumi Koharu

Sugar Doll - Image of Kusumi Koharu

“She ponders into the distance, wondering what will come, for she is about to leave, and never be part of it again.
She may miss their times together, though she never felt a belonging, when she finally had a connection, her time with them had come to an end. so she wonders at the distance, staring into the horizon, uncertain of what may come and what will be, after all, December is a mystery…”


Yajima Maimi’s Message to Umeda Erika – °C-ute Random News (°CRN)


Photo by Mai17 and translated text by Chikihci (from H!O Forums).



FROM まいみ

DEAR…My beloved Eri

Congratulations on your graduation. Having to part from you sure makes me feel lonely. You know, I really like the kindness and generousity that you have shown to everyone. No matter who is in trouble, you always take notice right away and offer your support. You have given all of us so much of your attention. Seeing you offer your help to others makes me want to work hard to become more like you. I learned a lot from watching you. The two of us have been very close for these seven years that we spent together – there are so many incredible memories that I cannot begin to count. There were times when we laughed together, and times when we cried together. All of those times are moments that I will treasure. Although our ways are separated, this road that we had walked on together will remain the same, and I will continue to value all those steps we took. We probably will not have the chance to see each other as often as we have been, but you have always wanted to become a model, and I will support you more than anyone else. Without you with us, °C-ute will work even harder to make up for your absence.
Thank you so much for all your kindness throughout the years. Thank you for treating me as family and listening to everything I had to say. I will never forget all the difficult times and enjoyable moments that we experienced while we chased after our dream together. Let’s put everything we have towards our dreams, and let’s make sure we both reach our goals!! I really love you and I always will.
FROM Maimi

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